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Dan had a double-digit week thirteen that pegged me back a bit so there’s till plenty of time for him to take a lead as we come into the closing run of the regular season.

Gee:Week 13:  99 – 95Overall:  99 – 96
Dan:Week 13:  95 – 99Overall:  95 – 100

Raiders @ Rams (-5.5)

The Rams are imploding through injury and key moves not working out back in the off-season. They are also in multiple only game being played matchups in the coming weeks, which makes sense as the current Super Bowl champions but things are very different this seasons. The neck injury suffered by Matthew Stafford is the latest problem to beset the Rams and whilst he has a path to come back next season, at 34 years old with a Super Bowl ring you have to wonder if he will want to.

Meanwhile, the Raiders have won three straight and its hard to see them not winning this one so whilst the points do make me pause, I just can’t back the Rams in this one. That might just get the Rams a win tonight…

Gee’s Pick:     Raiders
Dan’s Pick:     Raiders

Survivor Competition

It took special teams and defence for the Browns to do it, but they got the win and so both Dan and I scored points in week thirteen. This week, Dan is going against the Jaguars as he backs the Titans at home, whilst I’m doubling down on my game pick tonight and hoping that doesn’t double jinx the Raiders!

Current Score

Gee: 8
Dan: 7

Week 14 Selection:

Gee:    Raiders @ Rams
Dan:    Jaguars @ Titans