So I think it’s fair to say that neither Dan or I were prepared for Baker Mayfield’s performance for the Rams on Thursday night, so we’re both looking to get back to winning ways this weekend.

Early Games:

I’m not sure how many games jump out this week, there are some big lines but we both were finding picking difficult. The Cowboys hosting the Texans is a monstrous line that Dan and I are on opposite side on and neither of us are happy. I think the game of the early slate is likely the Jets visiting the Bills and that line seems big to me given how competitive the Jets have been in recent weeks. We’ll just have to see if my instincts are right.

Jets @ Bills (-9.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Jets
Dan’s Pick:      Bills

Browns @ Bengals (-6.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Browns
Dan’s Pick:      Bengals

Texans @ Cowboys (-17.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Texans
Dan’s Pick:      Cowboys

Vikings @ Lions (-0.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Vikings
Dan’s Pick:      Vikings

Jaguars @ Titans (-3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Titans
Dan’s Pick:      Titans

Eagles @ Giants (+7.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Eagles
Dan’s Pick:      Giants

Ravens @ Steelers (-2.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Steelers
Dan’s Pick:      Ravens

Late Games:

A curious and small slate of late games see the Chiefs visiting a hapless Broncos team who are really struggling, the 49ers welcoming the Buccaneers and trying to maintain their form despite another injury to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and the Seahawks trying to build their playoff case against the Panthers enduring another wasted season.

Chiefs @ Broncos (+8.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Chiefs
Dan’s Pick:      Chiefs

Buccaneers @ 49ers (-3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Buccaneers
Dan’s Pick:      49ers

Panthers @ Seahawks (-3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Seahawks
Dan’s Pick:      Seahawks

Sunday Night Football:

Dolphins @ Chargers (+2.5)

The Dolphins stayed out west after their tough loss against the 49ers, and will be hoping to bounce back against the Chargers who have won two out of the last five games since their bye. The Chargers have a promising young quarterback, but there’s flux around him and head coach Brandon Staley hasn’t exactly inspired in his second season. It feels like the Chargers are stuck in the same kind of place, regardless of how they rearrange the roster and coaching staff, so I do like the Dolphins in this one and with them only needing a field goal to win that’s where my pick is going.

Gee’s Pick:      Dolphins
Dan’s Pick:      Dolphins

Monday Night Football

Patriots @ Cardinals (+1.5)

This is not exactly an inspiring Monday night games with the Patriots having a long week of rest after a two touchdown loss travelling to take on a Cardinals team coming of a bye. The Patriots have two more wins than the Cardinals, and are pretty massive 32.1 % better by weighted DVOA. If I was a Cardinals fan I would be worried about all the key positions of my franchise, and whilst the Pats have plenty of questions of their own, I have to back Belichick and team in this one even if I’d much rather avoid the game entirely.

Gee’s Pick:      Patriots
Dan’s Pick:      Patriots

DVOA is Football Outsiders statistic for measure a team’s success on every play versus the league average and you can read more about it and other football topics at https://footballoutsiders.com.