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Dan’s self-proclaimed set of bold picks saw him pickup a point on me a third of the way through the seasons and there’s still plenty of time to catch up.

Gee:Week 6:  7 – 7Overall:  50 – 44
Dan:Week 6:  8 – 6Overall:  40 – 54

Saints @ Cardinals (-1.5)

I’m intrigued to see how this one plays out with the Saints coming off the loss to the Bengals and the Cardinals seeming disarray and churn at receiver. My numbers suggest the Cardinals is the better pick, but I don’t trust them at all and given I like the Saints to win anyway and I’m getting admittedly a small number of points, I am still backing the Saints.

Gee’s Pick:      Saints
Dan’s Pick:      Saints

Survivor Competition

I’m not thinking I jinxed the Buccaneers last week as I simply didn’t know Brady was acting like a diva rather than the ultimate quarterback so with him missing practices/walkthroughs whilst attending a wedding it’s possible not surprising things went badly. Dan pulled a further point ahead picking against his own team,, which I know was painful for him. This week I am jinxing the Cowboys who should beat the Lions even if they don’t cover the line.

Current Score

Gee: 2
Dan: 4

Week 7 Selection:

Gee:     Lions @ Cowboys
Dan:    Buccaneers @ Panthers

Bold Prediction of the Week

Having got the Jets beating the packers last week, and Dan refuting the cover as too easy, my bold prediction this week is for the Seahawks to beat the Chargers.