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We’re running out of regular season and things remain tight, though I managed to extend my lead over the festive weekend to four points but still plenty of games to pick in the final weeks for either of us to get ahead.

Gee:Week 16:  8 – 8Overall:  117 – 123
Dan:Week 16:  6 – 10Overall:  113 – 127

Cowboys @ Titans (+9.5)

It has been a really rough stretch for the Titans having lost five straight. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill going down with a second ankle injury this season against the Chargers in week fifteen led to rookie Malik Willis getting the start against the Texans on Saturday, but the Titans couldn’t get the win. That does not bode well for them welcoming the Cowboys fresh off beating the Eagles. There is a caveat that the Eagles were without Jalen Hurts, but the line demonstrates how favoured the Cowboys are and does put me in a quandary. My numbers back the Cowboys in this one, but Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has an awful lot of equity with me and so I am second guessing myself, even as I eventually plump for the Cowboys.

Gee’s Pick:     Cowboys
Dan’s Pick:     Cowboys

Survivor Competition

Thanks to the 49ers beating Washington, both Dan and I came out of week sixteen in our survivor competition over a fifty-fifty record, but with seven eliminations each that is hardly inspiring. This week Dan is opting for Eagles in a display of faith despite Hurts injuries, whilst I am hoping that the Lions’ push for the playoffs puts them over the top against the visiting Bears.

Current Score

Gee: 9
Dan: 9

Week 17 Selection:

Gee:    Bears @ Lions
Dan:    Saints @ Eagles