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I have something to announce this week. You may have noticed a new episode of the podcast was missing from your feeds, and while picks were made for Thursday no post went up on the blog.

Dan and I are both are in different places to a year ago, yet alone from when we started The Wrong Football and at this point, both of us are struggling to find the time to produce a podcast and so have taken the reluctant decision to place it once again on hiatus. Than you to all those who said nice things over the years. Things may change in the future, or a podcast producer may fall out of the sky to record our weekly chats, but for now we’ll be sticking to the competitions here on the blog.

Here are our points for week seven and Dan is reeling me back in. For the record we both were right in picking the Ravens on Thursday:

Gee:Week 7:  7 – 7Overall:  57 – 51
Dan:Week 7:  9 – 5Overall:  49 – 59

Survivor Competition

With Dan choosing the Bucs to beat the Panthers I was able to parle my safe pick of the Cowboys against the Lions into picking up a point that sees me return to a deficit of one. Dan is going for the Jets to beat the Patriots at home this week whilst I am backing the Eagles to beat the Steelers and hoping that I haven’t jinxed them.

Current Score

Gee: 3
Dan: 4

Week 8 Selection:

Gee:    Steelers @ Eagles
Dan:    Patriots @ Jets

Early Games:

We start Sunday with the last of the London game that sees the struggling Broncos taking on the Jaguars.

Broncos @ Jaguars (-3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Broncos
Dan’s Pick:      Broncos

Panthers @ Falcons (-6.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Falcons
Dan’s Pick:      Falcons

Bears @ Cowboys (-9.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Cowboys
Dan’s Pick:      Bears

Dolphins @ Lions (+3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Dolphins
Dan’s Pick:      Dolphins

Cardinals @ Vikings (-3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Vikings
Dan’s Pick:      Vikings

Raiders @ Saints (+1.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Raiders
Dan’s Pick:      Raiders

Patriots @ Jets (+1.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Jets
Dan’s Pick:      Jets

Steelers @ Eagles (-10.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Steelers
Dan’s Pick:      Eagles

Late Games:

Titans @ Texans (+3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Texans
Dan’s Pick:      Titans

Washington @ Colts (-3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Washington
Dan’s Pick:      Washington

49ers @ Rams (+1.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Rams
Dan’s Pick:      49ers

Giants @ Seahawks (-2.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Giants
Dan’s Pick:      Giants

Sunday Night Football:

Packers @ Bills (-10.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Bills
Dan’s Pick:      Bills

Monday Night Football

Bengals @ Browns (+3.5)

Gee’s Pick:      Bengals
Dan’s Pick:      Bengals