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So my lead isn’t quite as big as Dan thought when recording the podcast and I am pretty happy with how things are going, but it is very early for Dan to be speculating on the return of the black and orange to the social media/podcast imagery.

Meanwhile, there is the minor matter of the fifth TWF Bowl taking place tonight.

Gee:Week 3:  9 – 7Overall:  26 -22
RussWeek 3:  7 – 9Overall:  19 – 29
Dan:Week 3:  6 – 1Overall:  19 – 29

Dolphins @ Bengals (-3.5)

The Bengals got back to winning ways last week against the Jets last week and debut their alternate helmets in the snow tiger look white out game. They welcome the unbeaten Dolphins, who are coming to town with a lot of questions due to injury, not least to Tua who is dealing with back issues following a big hit in the first half of last week’s game. I can see the Bengals winning this one, but the speed of the Dolphins offence concerns me a lot so there is just no way I’m laying an extra half point in this one when I can very easily see the Dolphins finishing the contest 4-0. I will be very happy to be proved wrong on this one..

Gee’s Pick:      Dolphins
Dan’s Pick:      Dolphins

Survivor Competition

I continue to be a curse for teams and stand at a mighty three eliminations already this season and so I’m beginning to wonder if I can run the table in losses, but I’ll still try to keep things going with wins. Dan did better with the choice of the Ravens and so opens up a two point lead. I’m interested in his faith in the Cowboys going against Washington, but this is a straight pick so I can understand it, whilst I’m going with the Packers at home, welcoming a dysfunctional Patriots team with Brian Hoyer as their quarterback. If it goes wrong, Pats fans you are welcome.

Current Score

Gee: 0
Dan: 2

Week 4 Selection:

Gee:     Packers
Dan:    Cowboys

Bold Prediction of the Week

I was just about allowed to go for the Texans to be within six of the Chargers, which may be bolder than I think Dan was allowing but with the Chargers missing key players on either side of the ball we shall see.