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I had a truly awful run of picking games in week nine, I think as bad as I remember and it has seen me fall to the bottom of the table as Dan consolidated his lead from last week and 3D started his own climb back to the top. With eight weeks to go there is plenty of time to claw back the advantage, but I can’t afford too many more weeks like that last one!

Dan: Week 9:   9-5 Overall:   74-61
Dan’s Dad: Week 9:   11-3 Overall:   72-63
Gee: Week 9:   3-11 Overall:   68-67

Chargers @ Raiders (+1.5)

This is an interesting divisional game that pits two teams coming off a win. The best theory I’ve heard about the LA Chargers beating the Packers last week is that getting Melvin Ingram back and healthy meant that teams could no longer just focus on Joey Bosa and this transformed their defence, but they are still one of the most injured teams in the league. They face an Oakland Raiders team who beat the Lions last week having lost to the Texans and Packers in the previous two weeks. The Raiders have been one win above or below .500 all season and have been more competitive than I thought going into the season. I’ve been struggling with Thursday night games all season, but the combination of home teams and points is too tempting to resist even if Dan agrees with me.

Gee’s Pick:      Raiders
Dan’s Pick:      Raiders

Week 9 Trivia

‘What I said a few weeks ago about the unpredictability we see weekly has come back with a vengeance particularly in the Picks competition. Thinking back Dan and I have tended to trail in Gee’s wake and were reliant on a well-timed closing run to overcome him. This year Dan has built up a head of steam and thanks to an uncharacteristic 3-11 for Gee and took the lead on his own – for, as I recall it the first time in 2 seasons. This demonstrates what has become a very consistent run but I, having seen my chances falter, turned in my own 11-3 and we have a true 3-way competition.

On the field the Vikes suffered a late loss to the Chiefs but with all 4 teams in the division losing the playoff hopes are alive with the Vikes hosting the Packers and Bears in weeks 16 and 17. Bring it on. For once we can report that the Bengals didn’t lose thanks to being on a Bye but, shock horror – the Dolphins overcome the Jets. It might be a little late, but it will have gone down well.

In the Trivia, for week 9 we were in Dallas and I asked Which Dallas quarterback was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006?

I said you would know the name of Troy Aikman and I was right. He played his entire career for Dallas from 1989-2000 and was a first round, first pick for the Cowboys in the 1989 draft. After 12 consecutive seasons as starting QB he is better known now working for Fox TV

So that’s 2 points each to Dan and Gee leaving them tied on 9 points but the theme remains unsolved.

Right, its Week 10 and we find ourselves in Denver to look at the Bronco’s and my question is:

The Bronco’s Peyton Manning along with Brett Favre are the only 2 QB’s to have achieved what?

That’s enough from me – and in the words or Robin Williams who appeared as a Cheerleader  at the Mile High in an episode of Mork and Mindy – Na Nu Na Nu’