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Dan had an exceptional week eight, pulling himself back level with me, whildy his Dad continues to lurk behind but we are not quite half way through the season yet and there still plenty to play for.


Week 8:   12-3

Overall:   65-56


Week 8:   9-6

Overall:   65-56

Dan’s Dad:

Week 8:   8-7

Overall:   61-60

49ers @ Cardinals (+9.5)

I am so lost with Thursday night games that I am tying myself in knots. The 49ers are coming off a game that saw them score over fifty points against the Panthers and are taking on a Cardinals who I can’t see winning. The pick the home team unless rule didn’t work, and I have heard people talk about not backing big lines on a Thursday so maybe the Cardinals can cover at home, but once you start second guessing yourself its hard to know what to do. I’m going to put my faith in the unbeaten team wanting to keep their good run going but I do not feel confident about this one.

Gee’s Pick: 49ers
Dan’s Pick: 49ers

Week 9 Trivia

‘Well the season rolls on and I now realise that Dan has clearly stolen my lucky pin having recovered from a position even he thought impossible to reach the top (equal top to be honest) but he could hit a wave of sleepless nights so that could soon change.

While only 4 points adrift I know that there is still time, but I have been considering whether I would prefer to lead the trivia league or have a chance of making the playoffs. I know where I stand but I am reminded of the performance 2 years ago in the playoffs by Stefon Diggs. This week he racked up 7 catches and 143 yards to give him a 3 game average which eclipsed that of the Hall of Famer Randy Moss. (452 tards as compared to 446 if you want to know). Franchise records, now there’s a thought.

Anyway in Week 8 we dropped into Cleveland and asked What did Browns coach Paul Brown invent?.

There was some thought put into the answers this week but the key word was ‘invent’ so things such as 40 yard dashes probably, as Dan thought, don’t quite hit the spot. However I like the references to Shoulder Pads and also ‘in helmet communication’ so I’m going to be generous and award 1 point each as what I had in mind was in fact – The Face Mask.

Brown is credited with a number of American football innovations, including the modern face mask, the practice squad and the draw play but ‘invent’ was the key but it leaved them both on 7 points.

Week 9 brings me to Dallas, interestingly 3D can reveal that there are only 3 teams starting with D – so we are now in 3D Territory.

The question is, therefore’ Which Dallas quarterback was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006?

And you will know the name.

Guess what – the theme,,,,,, not even close. Who knows when one of them get it, maybe by then their team’s fortunes will change. Nah, not going to happen.

Let’s see where they go next!’