So having got back from London there’s just time to get tonight’s pick in before I head off to band practice.

Gee: Week 8 8-6 Overall 59-62
Dan: Week 8 7-7 Overall 58-63

Raiders @ 49ers (-2.5)

This is a horrible game to pick given that both teams only have one win and you might usually say that one of them has to get a second tonight but with the number of ties we’ve already had this season that might not be the case. The 49ers have injury excuses as I stated on Wednesday but that doesn’t explain the depth of problems they have had all season. That said the Raiders are now in full tear it down mode with their only win coming against a Browns team so riven by coaching problems that both the head coach and offensive coordinator were fired. Getting back the extra half point from the default minus three I’m going to stick to backing the home team on a Thursday night, but it really is a crap shoot.

Gee’s Pick: 49ers
Dan’s Pick: Raiders

‘This is really difficult because neither team have really been up to much. Gee can’t pick up a point on Thursdays, and I think he’ll go for the 49ers as they’re at home, so I’m going to go with Oakland.’

Week 9 Trivia

‘Here is the Week 8 round up and new question for Week 9 in the Trivia Competition.

In the ‘Picks’ we started on 51 each and we can still throw a towel over all 3 but one of us has retaken the lead by a point.

Also Dan and Gee were tied in the trivia – so what happened there?

I asked Who is the Head Coach with Most Career Wins? With a bonus point available for whoever was closest.

Frankly it was no surprise that both Gee and Dan correctly picked out the great Don Shula, so 1 point each just for that. While I am seriously impressed with Gee’s guess of 320 wins which stacks up well against Shula’s regular season record of 328, it was Dan’s ‘guess’ (he gets no clues nor would he want one) of 350 which does the Quarterback Sneak for the ‘close’ bonus at just 3 away from the regular AND post season combined total of 347.

For the record the stats are: Don Shula: 328 Regular and 19 Post Season wins making 347 in a career running from 1963 to 1995 for the Baltimore Colts and Dolphins

And now to Week 9

Having opened the door recently to College Football this week I’m turning to the Owners. It is a matter of record that 13 have been inducted into the Hall of Fame but WHO was the most recent and WHEN was this? 1 point for each.

Good Luck – its Red Zone time’