So after a much more successful pick than I was expecting Thursday night, we turn to the weekend’s game and let’s hope the chasing round this week that is definitely taking its toll doesn’t cause me to have a bad week. Or at least I do, but first let’s get to this week’s trivia question.

‘Having opened the door recently to College Football this week I’m turning to the Owners. It is a matter of record that 13 have been inducted into the Hall of Fame but WHO was the most recent and WHEN was this? 1 point for each.’

So I don’t think there was one this year so I’m relatively confident that the most recent was Jerry Jones who was inducted before last season in 2017.

‘Well, from absolute confidence last week to an absolute guess this week. I wouldn’t even know where to start with a name as I don’t pay attention to team owners outside of the current obvious ones so I’ll guess at the ‘When’ part and say 2012.’

Falcons @ Washington (-1.5)

So Washington are solidly mid-table on offence and defence whilst the Atlanta Falcons have managed to keep themselves top ten in offensive DVOA despite the injuries, but their defence is ranked thirty-first. Washington have been good at home barring a loss to the Colts and at the head of the NFC East I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt at home against one of the most injury plagued teams in the league.

Gee’s Pick: Washington
Dan’s Pick: Washington

Bears @ Bills (+8.5)

I do not like this line. The Chicago Bears should be favourites against the Buffalo Bills, but their offence is not completely reliable with Mitch Trubisky yet, and the Bills play tough defence if nothing else. However, they are also having to start Nathan Peterman and that fills me with no confidence either. This feels like too many points but with the Bills on a short week I’ll nervously back the Bears.

Gee’s Pick: Bears
Dan’s Pick: Bills

Chiefs @ Browns (+8.5)

The talk will be of a response to the change of coaching, but I cannot trust a team who have lost two offensive minds in both Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, with a rookie quarterback, and they will have a running backs coach calling plays for the first time. The injury to Tyreek Hill is a worry but the Chiefs are so much better that I’m going to back them to cover this and hope I don’t get bitten by two big lines this week.

Gee’s Pick: Chiefs
Dan’s Pick: Browns

Lions @ Vikings (-4.5)

The Detroit Lions made two moves that would seem to make sense in the long term, but right now it doesn’t do that much to help them and this week they are on the road against a Vikings team who are just about keeping themselves in the playoff hunt. The Vikings were actually closer to the Saints last week than the final score indicates and I’m backing them to bounce back in this game. Cue a Lions’ win as I haven’t got them right much at all this season.

Gee’s Pick: Vikings
Dan’s Pick: Vikings

Jets @ Dolphins (-3.5)

The Miami Dolphins have really fallen back to earth over the recent weeks, not helped by the shoulder injury to Ryan Tannehill. With another season of injury hindering him it feels like the Dolphins will have to find a new quarterback in the offseason but Brock Osweiler won’t be the solution despite starting this week. The New York Jets look to have their quarterback of the future but right now they have a lot of injuries to their receivers but their defence is ranked tenth by DVOA. With the Dolphins so injured and relying on Brock Osweiler the extra half point makes me nervous so I’m striking out with the Jets in a move I could really regret

Gee’s Pick: Jets
Dan’s Pick: Dolphins

Steelers @ Ravens (-2.5)

This is a big game for the Baltimore Ravens who have fallen back to 4-4 and really can’t afford any more losses in the division. The Steelers are coming off a bye and head up the division but in what is usually a close game I fancy the home team to sneak a win given they have already lost to the Steelers and these teams often split their series.

Gee’s Pick: Ravens
Dan’s Pick: Steelers

Buccaneers @ Panthers (-6.5)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defence is playing better and Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting, but I don’t think this is enough for them to beat a Carolina Panthers team who are quietly keeping pace with the best teams this season. Their offence is top five by DVOA as is their overall team and I think they roll in this one at home.

Gee’s Pick: Panthers
Dan’s Pick: Buccaneers

Texans @ Broncos (-2.5)

This is a slightly tricky game for me as the Texans have got their season back on track and the offence is playing better but the injury to Will Fuller is going to hurt their chances. The trade for Demaryius Thomas as replacement receiver makes sense but he won’t have had much time to acclimatise. Meanwhile the Broncos defence may not be the same, but in Von Miller they have someone who can absolutely cause havoc given the Texans poor offensive line. However, despite being better at home there is quite a lot wrong with the Broncos at the moment and so expecting them to win by a field goal is what is causing me hesitation. I haven’t felt strongly about many games this week and in this one I’m going to grab the points for what I think is the better team.

Gee’s Pick: Texans
Dan’s Pick: Texans

Chargers @ Seahawks (-1.5)

This looks to be a cracking game and a real test for the LA Chargers who have been impressive but travel to the always difficult to play in Seattle. The Seahawks have quietly dragged themselves into playoff contention off the back of defence and running the football but the Chargers have been playing well and are coming off a bye. I’m really looking forward to this game but I hate the line as I feel it’s a toss-up but in the end I fancy the Chargers to continue their good run, even if this is a better opponent.

Gee’s Pick: Chargers
Dan’s Pick: Seahawks

Rams @ Saints (-1.5)

This the next in a series of great games as the unbeaten Rams travel to the face the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have been playing really well, but will miss rookie defensive end Marcus Davenport as the defence has not been great unlike Drew Brees and the offence. The Rams have not looked great in recent weeks but have kept finding a way to win and this feels like a game where whoever has the ball last is likely to win. I’m finding it hard to pick but given that the Saints are at home and the Rams are unlikely to go the whole season unbeaten I’m going to stick my neck out and back the Saints. I could very easily be wrong but this is going to be such a good game I probably won’t mind anyway.

Gee’s Pick: Saints
Dan’s Pick: Rams

Packers @ Patriots (-5.5)

The billing of this game is going to be Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady, but really it is the New England infrastructure against Aaron Rodgers and I fancy the Patriots to win given the moves the Packers made at the trade deadline. They could well pay off in the next couple of years but right now it makes things harder for Rodgers, but this is still too many points to give him and so whilst I expect the Patriots to win, I think Rodgers will keep it closer than six.

Gee’s Pick: Packers
Dan’s Pick: Patriots

Titans @ Cowboys (-6.5)

I’m not exactly sure what to expect in this game, but given the problems the Cowboys have had on offence I’m not sure that parachuting Amari Cooper in last week via trade will solve them against a Titans team who so often muddy up the game. The Cowboys defence has been much better this year and it wouldn’t surprise me if the home team did get the win, but I’m not backing them to win by seven.

Gee’s Pick: Titans
Dan’s Pick: Titans