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We’re almost exactly half way through the season now for those teams who haven’t yet had their Bye week, which quite frankly is crazy. It doesn’t seem like 10 minutes since the beginning of the season. And to think that Gee and I are neck-and-neck in the pick-em competition after 7 weeks is equally crazy!

The Dolphins didn’t do all that well this week against the Lions. Brock did a sterling job against Chicago, and while he didn’t have the worst game I’ve seen, he wasn’t quite the same player as we saw in Week 6. What is becoming apparent though is just how broken our team is. It was well documented a few weeks ago how short we were on the Offensive line, but with Tannehill also out (and looking shakier by the minute), and some serious problems at Wide Receiver too (Albert Wilson’s been put on IR, Kenny Stills has missed some practice, and Danny Amendola is listed as ‘Questionable’ for this weeks trip to Texas) it means our whole offence is being held together with plasters. On top of that, apparently we’re looking to offload De’vante Parker for a third round Draft pick too, and with less than a week left before the trade deadline, it’s a shaky time for us Dolfans.

I realise I’m not giving Detroit the credit they deserve at this point. Matthew Stafford’s team looked very good, and fully deserved the win. They looked very comfortable, putting up over 240 yards of rushing offence together, and led all the way through. And all of a sudden, from being ridiculously optimistic, Miami are now at 4-3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a winning record to this point, and being brutally honest, 4 games was as many as I thought we’d win all season going into this season, but it feels like a massive letdown from where we were a few weeks ago.

So what happened elsewhere… ah yes, the London game! This was a game which was absolutely made for Gee and his defensive obsession! I must say, it was well up there as one of the best Wembley games I think there has been. For those who haven’t seen it, I’d really recommend going back and watching at least the highlights. The game went down to pretty much the final play, and Tennessee came SO close to picking up the Win. It was a ballsy call by their head coach to go for 2 points at the end when they quite easily could have taken it to overtime and had another go. Personally, it’s not a call I would have made, and a lot of people were very critical of the move (including Bruce Arians who was CBS’s analyst for the game).

Another thing which will have made Gee happy this week will have been the number of Safeties which clocked up at 3. I won’t go into this too much as I know Gee will be all over it, but if you’re watching a game at the weekend and see a Safety occur, make sure you tweet me (@TWFDan) and Gee (@WrongFootball) using the hashtag #TWFSafeties so Gee can properly track them for his increasingly detailed records!

The Rams are still unbeaten, following another victory – this week a convincing win against San Francisco. Which means my betting tracker looks a bit like this:

We’ll see the third and final London game this week when the Eagles host (sort of) the Jaguars in a game which was very nearly last year’s Super Bowl. Should be a corker of a game!

And finally, I’ve just taken delivery of a load of new Dolphins merch today which has made me happy! I found a website called Fanatics UK who have the best range of NFL gear I’ve seen this side of the Atlantic Ocean. I promise this isn’t a sponsored post by the way – just a friendly recommendation… although if the good people at Fanatics fancy sending me some free stuff, I’m open to that!!

But what’s the best piece of NFL Merch you own? And how about the oldest? Drop me a line on Twitter – I’d love to see some photos of your haul!

Until next time…