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So I had a disastrous time picking last week, clearly over compensating based on the week one results as I mentioned yesterday so I’ll have to refocus and see if I can catch Dan and his dad given that I’m currently bottom of the league.

Dan and I also failed to get the trivia answer again, and it was one of those where I’m really kicking myself now I’ve seen the answer. Remember, the full results are revealed in the weekly newsletter sent out Wednesday evening (UK time) and you can sign up here.

Gee: Week 2 4-12 Overall 15-17
Dan: Week 2 8-8 Overall 17-15

Jets @ Browns (-3.5)

So this is an actual competitive game between the Jets and Brown on Thursday night that I’m looking forward to seeing. The problem is that this makes picking the game more difficult as the Browns should have arguably won both the games they played this season whereas the Jets fell back to Earth last week after their dismantling of a poor Bills team in week one. So which way do I go on this one? I’m going to stick with my Thursday night rule of picking the home team unless there is a compelling reason not to and with Sam Darnold (who looked like a rookie last week) on the road in a short week against a Browns’ defence that is top ten by DVOA despite facing the Steelers and the Saints that doesn’t give me a reason to not to. The points worry me given that the Browns haven’t won since December 2016 but now is not the time for faint hearts and I have to get the points back somehow.

Gee’s Pick: Browns
Dan’s Pick: Jets

I’m struggling to see anything other than a Jets win tonight. They may have looked a bit shaky against the Dolphins on Sunday but I think they have enough to see themselves to a W against the Browns’

Week 3 Trivia

Last week I want I asked what it is which connects the following teams:

Chiefs, Packers, Raiders, Bengals and Bears.

Well there were some imaginative, if desperate, guesses which resulted in another score of Zero for both. It’s their choice to not use search engines which may make life harder but arguably this may not need Google to solve

Moving swiftly on and hopeful of getting airborne with a simpler one for this week.

Tell me, which is the newest of the NFL Stadiums (in the Lower-48) and when did it open?

Happy Hunting!’