In a bout of typical Gee planning, I was carefully working on this week’s column having prepared tonight’s pick, forgetting completely that I was out this evening, so I will catch up over the weekend, but for the record here are Dan and mine’s totals for the year and tonight’s pick.

Gee:    Week 12   8-8             Overall   91-85
Dan:    Week 12   6-10           Overall   84-92

Packers @ Lions (+3.5)

I’m really torn on this game as you just don’t know what version of the Packers are going to turn up, the team that so handily beat the Vikings on the road in Minnesota, or the team that lost to the Bears at home whilst they were honouring one of their greats in Brett Farve. The fact is though that the Lion beat the Packers in Green Bay three games ago, and have been in consistently good form over recent weeks and so with them getting points at home I will back them in this game.

Gee’s Pick:          Lions
Dan’s Pick:          Packers