One of the really horrible things about migraines is not only the initial having to retreat to a darkened room when it initially hits, but the following days of headaches and feeling dreadful. Once again I should be caught up with the games by the time I record the podcast, but hopefully I should get back to my normal writing schedule next week.

Vikings @ Falcons (-1.5)

The Vikings may have got soundly beaten last week, but with the Packers dropping their Thanksgiving game, they have every chance of taking control of the NFC North, and going against a slumping Falcons team who keep finding ways to lose I fancy their chances in Atlanta.

Gee’s Pick:    Vikings
Dan’s Pick:    Vikings

Bills @ Chiefs (-5.5)

The Bills have been playing well in recent weeks, and whilst I don’t expect them to beat a Chiefs team that have been on a real run, I expect them to keep it closer than this line suggests.

Gee’s Pick:    Bills
Dan’s Pick:    Bills

Rams @ Bengals (-8.5)

The Bengals may have lost last week’s game in Arizona against the Cardinals, but they gave a good account of themselves and I’m hopeful that they will get back to winning ways this week. The line gives me pause, but given the Rams’ issues with quarterbacks at the moment, I hope that they will cover this line. I didn’t realise that Dan’s optimism was so catching, but I am still nervous.

Gee’s Pick:    Bengals
Dan’s Pick:    Bengals

Raiders @ Titans (+1.5)

The Raiders are a probably a better team, but they’ve been making young team mistakes, and with them being on the road again I just thing that the Titans might well win this one.

Gee’s Pick:    Titans
Dan’s Pick:   Titans (late change from Dan)

Buccaneers @ Colts (-3.5)

The Buccaneers have got themselves back to 5-5 with a really good series of wins where the offence is functioning well and the defence also seems to be coming together. They may be on the road in Indianapolis, but the extra half point makes me think that the Bucs will cover, even if they don’t win this one as I’m just not sure the forty year old backup quarterback that the Colts are relying on can keep winning games.

Gee’s Pick:    Buccaneers
Dan’s Pick:    Buccaneers

Dolphins @ Jets (-3.5)

This is a real toss up game for me as the Jets have been struggling in recent weeks, and have some injuries, but the Dolphins are simply not that good and so I’m nervously backing the home team despite them giving away the extra half point at home.

Gee’s Pick:    Jets
Dan’s Pick:    Dolphins

Saints @ Texans (-2.5)

The Texans are on a bit of a run, with their defence playing really well and the tactic of just throwing the ball to DeAndre Hopkins paying off. The Saints may be coming of a bye, and have fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, but that is not going to necessarily improve the play of their defence and I just can’t see them winning this one on the road in Houston.

Gee’s Pick:    Texans
Dan’s Pick:    Texans

Gaints @ Washington (+2.5)

This is a big swing in points from the usual home advantage, but whilst no one seems to want to win the NFC East, the Giants have been the most consistent team in the division and I have to back them in this one against an improving Washington team that are just not quite there yet.

Gee’s Pick:    Giants
Dan’s Pick:   Giants

Chargers @ Jaguars (-4.5)

The Chargers season has been such a mess, and this week they are on the road against a Jaguars team that have finally won two in a row for the first time in years, which makes me very nervous about backing them to get a third, particularly with this many points, but I can’t bring myself to back the Chargers on the road.

Gee’s Pick:    Jaguars
Dan’s Pick:    Jaguars

Cardinals @ 49ers (+10.5)

This is a very big line, but the Cardinals are playing great, do not let up on their opponents, and have the weapons to take on a 49ers team who look to need several offseasons to rebuild having lost so much talent in the summer, so even thought they are on the road in San Francisco, I’m backing the Cardinals to cover this one.

Gee’s Pick:    Cardinals
Dan’s Pick:    Cardinals

Steelers @ Seahawks (-4.5)

I was impressed with Thomas Rawls when the Seahawks played the Bengals, and wondered if he was the better option than Lynch this season, and certainly the Seahawks offence looked more like themselves last week with Lynch out getting surgery. However, the Steelers are very much in the playoff hunt, and with the deep threat their receivers present going against a defence that is showing some chinks I think the Steelers could very well cover this line despite travelling to Seattle, but as I come to write this I can’t quite bring myself to pick them. I might regret this, but I’ll back Seattle in this one.

Gee’s Pick:    Seahawks
Dan’s Pick:    Steelers

Patriots @ Broncos (+3.5)

The Patriots keep rolling on, and they could very well win this one, but I can’t look past the Broncos getting this many points at home, even if I’m sure Belichick will have plans for the Broncos young quarterback.

Gee’s Pick:    Broncos
Dan’s Pick:    Patriots

Ravens @ Browns (-2.5)

The Ravens had everything go wrong for them last week, losing both their quarterback and starting running back, and in a season that is well and truly lost, managed to win the game when what they really need is to get the highest pick possible. The Browns are having a similarly bad season, but with Josh McCown starting I think they have enough to get a rare win at home in a Monday Night football game that doesn’t exactly set hearts racing outside of Baltimore and Cleveland.

Gee’s Pick:    Browns
Dan’s Pick:    Browns (A second late change from Dan, very suspicious)