It’s been another one of those weeks, but expect a bumper Thanksgiving round up tomorrow and here are our picks tonight as Dan attempts to claw back some of the ground he gave up last week.

Gee:    Week 11   8-6             Overall   83-77
Dan:    Week 11   6–8           Overall   78-82

Eagles @ Lions (+0.5)

The Eagles season continues its helter-skelter journey with the defence taking a turn at having significant problem s as they were soundly beaten by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 45-17 at home. Now they go on the road in a short week to Detroit to face a team that seems to have found something. The Lions have two straight wins off the back of improved defensive performances, and I think they may well prevail against the Eagles and their backup quarterback.

Gee’s Pick:      Lions
Dan’s Pick:     Lions

Panthers @ Cowboys (+0.5)

The Cowboys got a win off the return of Tony Romo, but I am not convinced that they are going to make the late playoff push that their fans seem to expect. That said, somehow they are only two games back off the lead of the NFC East, and will be desperate to win this game, but I don’t think they have enough options on offence to overcome the excellent Panthers defence. I don’t think the Panthers will go undefeated, and it’s possible this could be the game to break the streak, but I don’t think so.

Gee’s Pick:      Panthers
Dan’s Pick:     Panthers

Bears @ Packers (-9.5)

This is a lot of points, even if the Packers did find themselves again last week. However, whilst I was initially tempted by the Bears, they have a lot of injuries to their skill players and given that the Packers just beat the Vikings by seventeen points in Minnesota, I think they will cover this at home in Green Bay. Particularly on the day when they are honouring their legendary quarterback Brett Farve

Gee’s Pick:      Packers
Dan’s Pick:     Bears