It’s one of those weekends where time and location are against me, so I will go over the Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars game and the problem with the Packers receivers getting open on next week’s pod. For now I’ve just got time to go through the rest of our picks for this week.

Colts @ Falcons (-6.5)

Both of these teams are coming off a bye, but whilst the Colts have been up and down all season, I think having a definitively healthy quarterback might help them, and whilst they may not win this game, given the recent form of the Falcons I am not comfortable picking them to win by a clear seven points.

Gee’s Pick:    Colts
Dan’s Pick:    Colts

Broncos @ Bears (-1.5)

The Broncos travel to Chicago with a new starting quarterback, and given how bad Peyton Manning has been this season, it’s just possible that things might work a little better on offence, or at least more like how Gary Kubiak wants to runs it. The Bears have been playing well over recent weeks, but the Broncos will be desperate to get their season back on track and if I am getting points for a seven and two team then I’m going to take them.

Gee’s Pick:    Broncos
Dan’s Pick:    Bears

Cowboys @ Dolphins (+0.5)

This is a straight up who wins pick, which really doesn’t help when picking a game involving a Cowboys team that have lost seven straight games who may be getting Tony Romo back against a Dolphins team who have been up and down, plus slightly lucky to pick up a win against the Eagles last week. I’m basically picking the home team, as I really don’t know who is going to win this one.

Gee’s Pick:    Dolphins
Dan’s Pick:    Dolphins

Raiders @ Lions (+1.5)

The Lions got there win last week, but were a bit lucky and I’m not sure they really have enough defence to cope with the Raiders. However, the defence of the Raiders has been a real problem over the last couple of weeks and with them travelling across to Detroit from Oakland I’m going to back the home team getting points, and will feel nervous about it.

Gee’s Pick:    Lions
Dan’s Pick:    Ravens

Rams @ Ravens (-1.5)

The Rams have sat Nick Foles who has not been playing well this season, and has repeatedly missed the designed deep throws off play action that the Rams offence is predicated on. Whether the move to Case Keenum gives them enough to exploit the Raven’s problems in the secondary I don’t know, but the Rams are a slightly better team and as I’m getting points as well then I’ll back them to win in Baltimore.

Gee’s Pick:    Rams
Dan’s Pick:    Rams

Jets @ Texans (+2.5)

I thought the Texans defence played really well last week, but I don’t know if that effort is sustainable and they continue to have real problems on offence, including a backup quarterback starting for them this week. The Jets may have struggled in recent weeks, but I think they will have too much for the Texans in this one.

Gee’s Pick:    Jets
Dan’s Pick:    Jets

Buccaneers @ Eagles (-5.5)

The Eagles have been up and down all seasons, and with Mark Sanchez at quarterback I wonder how they will go on offence, but their defence is really good and has been all season. Part of me wants to pick the Buccaneers to keep this close, but I don’t trust their defence, and with them being on the road I’m going to nervously back the Eagles to cover the spread in this one.

Gee’s Pick:    Eagles
Dan’s Pick:    Eagles

Washington @ Panthers (-7.5)

Washington got a really good win last week, but I can’t see them tripping up this Panthers team that just keeps rolling. It’s a lot of points, but I don’t see Washington moving the ball on the Panthers’ defence, and so I’m backing them to cover the spread.

Gee’s Pick:    Panthers
Dan’s Pick:    Panthers

Chiefs @ Chargers (+2.5)

The Chiefs are on a bit of a roll, whilst the Chargers have just been so injured. I don’t think that Philip Rivers has enough weapons to take on a Chief’s defence and they’ve been bad on defence for most of the year, so I fancy the Chiefs to cover this spread on the road in San Diego

Gee’s Pick:    Chiefs
Dan’s Pick:    Chiefs

Packers @ Vikings (-0.5)

Not only have I picked against Mike Zimmer for two weeks and regretted it, but they also have the defence to keep a struggling Packers offence in check. I’m fed up of picking against a head coach that I really like, and he seems to have the Vikings playing really well.

Gee’s Pick:    Vikings
Dan’s Pick:    Packers

49ers @ Seahawks (-12.5)

I think the Seahawks will win this game, but given how bad their offensive line has been, and therefore how disappointing their offence have been, I’m not going to back them to win by thirteen points despite the big win they had in San Francisco earlier in the season.

Gee’s Pick:    49ers
Dan’s Pick:    49ers

Bengals @ Cardinals (-3.5)

I am both really nervous about this game, and finding it hard to pick. I am hoping that the Bengals’ performance on Monday night was just a blip, but the Cardinals are a really good team. I am hoping it will be a close one, and getting that extra half point has just pushed me into keeping faith with the Bengals, but it really could go in any direction in Arizona with several Cardinals having ties back to the Bengals so I’m sure they will be desperate to get the win.

Gee’s Pick:    Bengals
Dan’s Pick:    Cardinals

Bills @ Patriots (-7.5)

I am fairly confident that the Patriots will find a way to win this game, but given how injured they are, and the recent improvement in the Bill’s play I don’t see them winning by eight points, and it is possible that Rex Ryan will get the win he so desperately wants.

Gee’s Pick:    Bills
Dan’s Pick:    Bills