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Dan and I had matching 8-8 records in week four, so I maintained my five-point lead, but I’m still frustrated at some of my picks knowing that the continuations of so many unbeaten or winless streaks was likely to end and yet still not fully taking that into account. We’re also beginning to get an idea of which teams are more trustworthy than others so let’s take a look at the start of week five.

Gee:Week 4:  8 – 8Overall:  36 – 28
Dan:Week 4:  8 – 8Overall:  31 – 33

Rams @ Seahawks (+1.5)

There can be no complaints about the quality of the Thursday night game this week as we get the mouth-watering NFC West contest between the LA Rams and the Seattle Seahawks. I’m very much looking forward to watching the game but feel much more ambivalent about having to make a pick with this line. The Rams are coming off their first loss of the season and I’ve even heard some suggest that they are a front running team this season. They certainly have taken a step back on defence under Raheem Morris but they also have the second rank offence by DVOA with whole new sections of the playbook unlocked by Matthew Stafford’s arm.

The Seahawks on the other hand have kept themselves in the race for the division with a 2-2 record, but a top five offence has been paired with a defence that ranks twenty-fifth by DVOA and having not watched a full game of theirs yet this season I am just not sure how they will fare in this game. The Seahawks have to play three of their opening five games on the road and with the crowds back in Seattle for this contest, I can see the upset, and it is always hard to go against Russell Wilson. but the way season has gone so far has me going with the Rams. I just don’t feel confident about it

Gee’s Pick:      Rams
Dan’s Pick:      Rams

Survivor Competition

I made the mistake of backing the up and down Saints last week and it yielded my first loss of the season whilst Dan picked up another point by going against the Texans with the Bills, a tactic he’s repeating this week but this time with the Patriots on the road against the Texans. I can see where he’s going with that one, but as usual I will try not to simply ape Dan’s pick and so  I’m going for the Ravens against a Colts team that I don’t trust, even if they are coming off their first win of the season.

Current Score

Gee: 3
Dan: 2

Week 3 Selection:

Gee:    Ravens
Dan:    Patriots