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Dan maintained his lead in the picks competition as we both went 8-8, but I did managed to get our first survivor pick right so I’ve gone a point ahead on that.

Dan is also making me make a bold prediction of the week, which so far has resulted in half a point in the first week for Rosen not being on the Dolphins roster, but it wasn’t a trade as I thought as Rosen was cut and is now signed to the Bucs practise squad. Last week I predicted the Rams would defeat the Eagles to send them to 0-2 and I was correct. If Dan is going to keep making me do this (and he is) then I guess I’d better keep track of them here so this week’s is down the bottom. I’ve also predicted that Mike Zimmer will fire another offensive coordinator this season, but I concede that’s a bit speculative.

Gee:Week 2:  8 – 8Overall:   16 – 16
Dan:Week 2:  8 – 8Overall:   17 – 15

Dolphins @ Jaguars (-2.5)

Last week Dan thought he jinxed the Bengals by making them his survivor pick, but we both thought the Bengals would at least cover the points, which they only just managed to do. However, this week Dan is reverting to picking the Dolphins, and I wonder if this is either a good move on his part because he’s been watching them closely, or if he’s letting his loyalties cloud his judgement. As much as the DVOA numbers could be off with the small sample size we have so far, the Jaguars are ranked nineteen place higher by DVOA than the Dolphins and if I’m getting a line that is half a point better than the consensus line of -3 that I’m seeing, then I’m picking the home team on Thursday night.

Gee’s Pick:      Jaguars
Dan’s Pick:      Dolphins

Survivor Competition

So one of us finally got off the mark in terms of scoring, but it’s hardly much to celebrate and poor Dan has been eliminated twice already. I like his pick of the Steelers this weekend, the Texans offence and defence doesn’t look as potent as it has in recent years, but it’s not a option available to me and I would be concerned about a desperate 0-2 team with a quarterback as good as Deshaun Watson being able to spring a surprise. I’m a little bit nervous about my own selection, but given the Broncos will be starting Jeff Driskel at quarterback against Tom Brady I’m backing the Bucs to build on last week’s win. I just hope we don’t both look foolish next week.

Current Score

Gee: 1
Dan: 0

Week 3 Selection:

Gee:     Steelers
Dan:    Buccaneers

Bold Prediction of the Week

This week’s bold prediction is that the Atlanta Falcons will find a way to finally win a game and defeat the 2-0 Chicago bears.