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I don’t know if a different schedule will change things, but to overturn the deficit, I needed to make up some ground last week and instead I have fallen further back after both Dan and his Dad had solid ten point weeks and I very much didn’t. I’m still above .500 but it certainly doesn’t look the blog will be returning to black and orange in the new year.

Dan’s Dad: Week 15:   10-6 Overall:   129-95
Dan: Week 15:   10-6 Overall:   121-103
Gee: Week 15:   7-9 Overall:   116-108

Texans @ Buccaneers (+2.5)

The Houston Texans are in pole position to with the AFC South having beaten the Texans last week, but they can’t afford to slip up on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have kind of quietly won their last games. You still would want Jameis Winston to tame the turnovers but he has already thrown for over four and half thousand yards and could well top five thousand by the end of the season. This is the start of a strong Saturday schedule, and I am really tempted by the home points but the Buccaneers have now lost both Evans and now Godwin at receiver and with Will Fuller back for the Texans I’m going to back them in this one.

Gee’s Pick:     Texans
Dan’s Pick:     Texans

Bills @ Patriots (-6.5)

The Buffalo Bills are one game behind the New England Patriots in the AFC East and having secured a playoff place they will be looking to win the division for the first time since 1995. It’s still a big as ask but this is also a big line and whilst it seems unlikely the Bills can win the division and it is tough to win at Gillette Stadium but I do see the Bills being competitive after the Patriots struggles continued last week and so I’m going to back the Bills to keep the game within a touchdown.

Gee’s Pick:     Bills
Dan’s Pick:     Bills

Rams @ 49ers (-6.5)

The LA Rams were badly beaten by the Cowboys last week and so their chances of making the playoffs seems pretty low. They face a motivated San Francisco 49ers team who are being pushed by the Seahawks and if the Rams offence struggled against the Cowboys pass rush, I can really see them struggling against the 49ers’ second rank defence by DVOA and in particular their fearsome defensive line. Their earlier game ended in a 7-20 loss for the Rams but the injury to the 49ers have lost their starting centre so I am trying to weigh this up in a must win game for both teams. Given this is a crucial divisional game for both teams I am tempted by the points but changing my mind almost always leads to wrong picks so 49ers it is.

Gee’s Pick:     49ers
Dan’s Pick:     49ers

Week 9 Trivia

There are just 2 weeks to go and the playoff picture took another step to becoming clear this week.

There are two storms gathering this weekend. The first is the Bengals visit to Miami. For many it may hardly register but believe me the WhatsApp feed at TWF Towers will be in meltdown. The season has not been kind to either team and this is an opportunity to secure bragging rights.

The Picks started with a mixed bag in which Gee took the chance to make an early start to the week as Dan and I took the now seemingly odd decision to pick The Jets over Baltimore. I think the big spread made us a little picker-happy.

However, after Sunday Dan went into Monday a point ahead on the week and with every chance of closing the gap to 6 with 2 weeks to go. Both he and Gee went Colts but the old fella ignored the spread in favour of home field to take the point from what was nearly a shut out to maintain my healthier 8 point advantage. Sometimes it’s knowing which factor to follow and often it’s gut feel.

That big event happens on Monday with another Packers Vikings scrap. There have been many over the years, but this has a real significance. The Packers are a game ahead, so a win clinches the division, end of story. However, a Vikings win levels up and it’s off to week 17. But therein lies another challenge. The Vikes host the Bears while the Packers take on the Lions, arguably an easier job. And head over heart I fear we bottle it against the Bears. Oh well, Blessed are the Cheesemakers.

Which brings us to the Trivia where last week I asked:
In how many consecutive seasons did the Jaguars make the playoffs in their first five years in the league?

Clearly the answer lay between 0 and 5 and this time it was 4. The Jaguars made it to the playoffs four out of their first five seasons: 1996-97-98-99. They made it to the Conference Championships twice (1996 and 1999) but lost both times, once to the Patriots 20-6 in 1996, and to the Titans 33-14 in 1999.

I knew this would be a Guess-fest and my previous history of teasing the team would reinforce that. Anyway, with both admitting to being unsure it was Dan who scooped the 2 points and extending his advantage to 3.

For Week 16 I’ve relocated to Kansas City and the question to tax the brain cells while I indulge in some eye-wateringly expensive fun in Dubai is this:

The Kansas City Chiefs were originally known by what name?

Easy right? The names will be familiar but the content, maybe not. We shall see but remember that the Trivia will continue through the Post Season so there is still much at stake and additional questions may appear to spice things up some more.

Have a Cool Yule Y’all!’