So we roll into the week thirteen picks with me one point ahead of Dan’s dad and nine over Dan so let’s see what this week holds.

Gee: Week 12 11-4 Overall 92-84
Dan: Week 12 6-9 Overall 83-93

Saints @ Cowboys (+7.5)

The Dallas Cowboys have dragged themselves into the race for the NFC East thanks to a three game win streak that includes two victories over divisional opponents but that run of good from is about to crash into the juggernaut that is the New Orleans Saints. Not only do the Cowboys have to contend with Drew Brees, but thanks to playing in a dome they don’t even have bad weather as a factor to hamper the veteran quarterback. I’m not sure how much help that would be given the effectiveness of Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram in the running game and though their defence only ranks fourteenth by DVOA, that is more than effective given with the offensive efficiency the Saints possess. I can see the value argument that the home team on a Thursday night getting seven and a half points should be a good bet, and I may well regret this, but I just can’t look past the Saints given their form. The game should be a cracker and the Cowboys could well prove me wrong but I don’t think them covering this line is the more likely event to occur.

Gee’s Pick: Saints
Dan’s Pick: Saints

‘Saints for me I think tonight. Really struggling to pick with any level of certainty here but I think the Saints run is going to continue, and they’ll win by more than a TD.’

Week Thirteen Trivia

‘As we close in on the end of this season every point matters and Gee currently has a slender 2 point lead in the Trivia stakes.

The main Picks league is even closer and having knocked lumps out of each other in Week 12 no one is more surprised than myself that it’s still tight at the top.

Week 12 Trivia asked a very simple question – At which college did Peyton Manning play?

It’s a question that more people will know the answer to, but perhaps why that snippet of information had stuck. Well the answer is:

University of Tennessee Volunteers from 1994 to 1997

Even I’m not so picky as to insist on the Volunteers bit but for the first time since week 8 both Dan and Gee scored a point.

Week 13 is a little more random but did appear as a fact in QI. I’ve checked and it holds up so:

What rule change did Oakland’s receiver Lester Hayes instigate?

I’m intrigued as to the answers I get on this one.’