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So, I’ve been thinking for a while about how to do this and I’m going to get straight to the point (but stick with me – it’s not all bad news!).

Firstly, it’s with real sadness that Gee and I would like to announce that the Wrong Football Podcast won’t be returning on a regular basis for the 2018 season. I know that will come as a surprise for both of our regular listeners (sorry, that’s an in joke) but while we’ve loved producing the pod and the opportunity for Gee and I to get together (well, virtually at least) and chew the fat offered up to us by the NFL on a weekly basis, regular life and ‘the day job’ getting in the way meant that it was becoming harder and harder for us to stick to a schedule and put together the quality content that we wanted to deliver.

Personally, I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done with the pod. When we think that we were both absolute novices when we started, I’d like to think that we got pretty good at it by the end and were giving listeners some real good insight, analysis and opinion on the game we love. Not to mention that it allowed us to speak with some real passionate NFL fans at Wembley and interview a Superbowl Champion (Shaun Gayle) and NFL journeyman (Nick Ferguson), which absolutely blew us away and we can’t thank Nick, Shaun or NFL UK enough for allowing us the chance to do that.

While I’m thanking people, I should probably thank our long suffering other halves. Jenny and Rachael have put up with a lot to give us time to put the pod together each week, so thank you both.

The aim of every podcaster is to make it sound easy – almost effortless. The reality is something a little different. Putting together the pod has always been much more than just the hour long recording session each week. There’s games to watch, news to study, analysis to be done, scripts to write – not to mention the editing process which can take about two or three times as long as the recording itself. No matter how much you love the sport, and nattering with your friends about it, this grind takes its toll after almost 3 years, and fitting it around the rest of life’s ‘goings on’ becomes more difficult, which has ultimately lead to us taking this decision at this stage.

And while it’s ‘adios’ to a regular podcast, I wouldn’t say by any means that it’s over. We’ll still put together some specials (although we’ve not quite decided on what format they’ll take yet) so keep those subscriptions active wherever you procure your podcasts to make sure you don’t miss any of these. And of course The Wrong Football blog itself is going nowhere! If anything it’ll ramp up as alongside Gee’s regular posts he has kindly agreed to let me vent my footballing spleen as a guest blogger throughout the season. This is something I’m really looking forward to and I hope I can put together something half as entertaining as Gee’s insights! Oh, and my Dad is intent on continuing to challenge us on our footballing knowledge with his now famous ‘extra point’ so we’ll find some way to incorporate that too!!

So for now, that’s all we’ve got time for on The Wrong Football Podcast. Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you again… soon!

I’ll let you insert your own ‘Gee Noise’ here!