Ravens @ Jaguars (+4.5)

The weekend’s games start with the first London game, where the Jacksonville Jaguars host the Baltimore Ravens at Wembley, and it is a tricky game for me to pick this week. The Jaguars followed up their opening game win with a loss to the Tennessee Titans, and the problems with having such a one dimensional offence showed themselves, particularly having lost receiver Allen Robinson for the season to an ACL injury. The problem for me is that the Raven also had a big loss when guard Marshal Yonder was lost for the season with an ankle fracture. The Raven’s offensive balance is why they’ve looked better this year and losing one of the best guards could really hurt their ability to run the ball.

In the last two seasons the Jaguars have won their London game, and with that bit more practice at travelling I’m not saying they will win, but I do feel with two good defences this could be a closer game than you might first think and I’m picking the Jaguars to cover.

Gee’s Pick:          Jaguars
Dan’s Pick:          Ravens

Falcons @ Lions (+2.5)

This should be a cracking game, with two unbeaten teams meeting. The Atlanta Falcons offence looked better in their home opener last week, and they travel to face a Detroit Lions team who keep finding a way to win. I don’t have a strong lean either way in this one, but in a close game if I’m getting points as a home team then I am going to grab them and look forward to watching the game.

Gee’s Pick:          Lions
Dan’s Pick:          Falcons

Broncos @ Bills (+3.5)

This looks to be a surprisingly good game despite the Buffalo Bills offseason rebuilding, as it looks like new head coach Sean McDermott has got his team playing for him and the defence looks good already. I have also been impressed with the Denver Broncos’ start to the season, but in what could be a closer game than you might expect I’m again going to grab points for a home team.

Gee’s Pick:          Bills
Dan’s Pick:          Broncos

Steelers @ Bears (+7.5)

I want to pick the Chicago Bears in this one. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a nasty habit of playing down to their opponents and the Bears defence has looked promising at times, but the Steelers’ offence looks like it is coming together and I just think they have too much for the Bears.

Gee’s Pick:          Steelers
Dan’s Pick:          Steelers

Browns @ Colts (+0.5)

I don’t remember the last time the Cleveland Browns were favoured in a game, yet alone on the road, but the Indianapolis Colts gave a more credible effort last week and could have beaten the Arizona Cardinals. The Browns still haven’t got Myles Garrett to play a regular season game, whilst losing receiver Corey Coleman to broken hand for the second season in a row hurts. I’m really not sure where to go in this one, but I’ll stick to my faith in the Browns and their coach for now, but I am curious about how this game will play out.

Gee’s Pick:          Browns
Dan’s Pick:          Browns

Dolphins @ Jets (+6.5)

The Miami Dolphins got off to a winning start, and this week and face a New York Jets team who have shown very little of anything. We thought going into the season that the Jets were going to be bad, but it is still shocking to see how uncompetitive they have been, and I don’t see anything here to stop me from picking the Dolphins to cover this line.

Gee’s Pick:          Dolphins
Dan’s Pick:          Dolphins

Buccaneers @ Vikings (-2.5)

In a league where increasingly home field advantage is being reduced, the Minnesota Vikings seem to have bucked the trend with their noisy new stadium. Add to this a really good defence and this should be a decided advantage, but with quarterback Sam Bradford looking like he will miss a second week due to a knee problem I will back the Tampa Buccaneers on the road. Their defence looks equally scary, and with young quarterback Jameis Winston continuing his development, I feel like the Vikings would need Bradford to win this one.

Gee’s Pick:          Buccaneers
Dan’s Pick:          Buccaneers

Texans @ Patriots (-13.5)

The New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans 27-0 last season whilst starting Jacoby Brissett at quarterback. The Patriots got back on track with an easy win last week, although they did pick up more injuries top pass catchers. However, the Texans did not exactly look great against the Bengals last week and despite being slightly nervous about the line, I think the Patriots will cover this one.

Gee’s Pick:          Patriots
Dan’s Pick:          Texans

Saints @ Panthers (-6.5)

The Carolina Panthers have needed their defence to play as well as it has because their offence has not looked good so far this season. The New Orleans Saints defence might be just what the doctor ordered, especially with them rotating through defensive linemen trying to find something that works, but the loss of Cam Newton’s safest receiver in tight end Greg Olson could really hurt them. I’m not sure that the Saints will win, especially on the road, but I think this could be a closer game than this line suggest. I’m nervously backing the Saints in this one.

Gee’s Pick:          Saints
Dan’s Pick:          Saints

Giants @ Eagles (-5.5)

The Philadelphia Eagles have got off to a solid start to the season, and welcome a New York Giants team who have been struggling on offence. It’s not just that Odell Beckham has been fighting an ankle injury, but the offensive line has been dire in pass protection and the tackles haven’t been given scheme help. It is not necessarily surprising that the Giants’ defence has taken a bit of a step back from last year’s improvement, but despite it being more likely for a team to go 1-2 rather than 0-3, I see nothing in this game that would give a Giants’ fan hope. I think right now the Eagles are a better a team, watch this game come back to bite me.

Gee’s Pick:          Eagles
Dan’s Pick:          Eagles

Seahawks @ Titans (-2.5)

The Seattle Seahawks defence continues to be really good, but their offensive line also continues to make Russell Wilson run for his life. The Tennessee Titans have a pair of bookend tackles that should allow their offense to function despite the Seahawks’ scary front seven, and I fancy them to get the win at home against a Seahawks team who are designed to peak later in the season.

Gee’s Pick:          Titans
Dan’s Pick:          Titans

Bengals  @ Packers (-9.5)

The Green Bay Packers struggled last week against the Atlanta Falcons missing both their starting tackles on offense, and with their defence looking more fragile. This week they welcome a struggling Cincinnati Bengals team who have yet to score a touchdown, which is why they have a new offensive co-ordinator. I don’t hold out much hope of a dramatic turn around, but given the strength of the Bengal’s defence this year, and that it looks like the Packer’s o-line could still be in flux, I do fancy the Bengals to cover this big line even if they are on the road.

Gee’s Pick:          Bengals
Dan’s Pick:          Packers

Chiefs @ Chargers (+3.5)

The LA Chargers have so far managed to lose two close games, but this week they welcome a Kansas City Chiefs team who have started the year on fire. The Chargers have not exactly built a big following in LA, and this game feels like it will only go one way. You never know until the game is played, but with the Chiefs explosive offence and stout defence I don’t think they will have a problem covering this line.

Gee’s Pick:          Chiefs
Dan’s Pick:          Chiefs

Raiders @ Washington (+3.5)

So Jay Gruden did the unexpected and kept his Washington team running the football last week as they travelled to LA and beat the Rams. However, the Oakland Raiders are a totally different proposition having picked up from last year and look fearsome. The points do give me a slight pause, but the Raiders feel like they are on a roll and I don’t think Washington have the offence to keep up.

Gee’s Pick:          Raiders
Dan’s Pick:          Raiders

Cowboys @ Cardinals (+3.5)

This week’s games are closed out on Monday night by a struggling Arizona Cardinals team hosting the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys got shut down last week in Denver, with the passing game not really working and Ezekiel Elliot getting completely stuffed in the running game. This week they travel to Arizona, who have their own running problems with running back David Johnson out with a wrist injury. The Cowboys are not a team that inspire much confidence in me, but neither are the Cardinals at the moment, and as reluctant as I am to back the Cowboys, if you’re a team who struggles to beat the Colts then I can’t back you to cover this line against the Cowboys who will be looking to bounce back from a tough loss.

Gee’s Pick:          Cowboys
Dan’s Pick:          Cardinals