Things are afoot with the Wrong Football, which meant that I overlooked the post I was meant to put up announcing the teams that Dan picked before the games were played on Sunday. This will have been particularly annoying to Dan as he had a better week than me and has already won week five, it’s just a matter of how many games he will claw back, but for the record these were his picks for the Sunday games with his selections in Bold:

Washington @ Falcons (-7.5)
Bills @ Titans (+2.5)
Bears @ Chiefs (-9.5)
Seahawks @ Bengals (-1.5)
Browns @ Ravens (-6.5)
Rams @ Packers (-9.5)
Saints @ Eagles (-5.5)
Jaguars @ Buccaneers (-2.5)
Cardinals @ Lions (+2.5)
Patriots @ Cowboys (+9.5)
Broncos @ Raiders (+5.5)
49ers @ Giants (-7.5)

Tonight he is backing the Chargers as they host the Steelers, and I’m in the strange position of wanting my division rivals to win so I get a game back this week. I’m not hoping that hard…