I am not a fan of the Pro Bowl and with all that’s going on at the moment I am taking it a bit easy this week. I’m really looking forward to the Super Bowl and I am hoping to do my usual coaching tape break downs of the game in the following weeks, but I am very aware that the season is nearly over. However, even facing up to the oncoming football desert, the weird half game of the Pro Bowl does not tempt me. However, 3D’s torture of us continues unabated and so I have to take a look at this week’s questions.

Dan’s Dad asked us:

‘San Francisco 49ers:

How many 49er quarterbacks were inducted into the Hall of Fame in the 20th century?

Seattle Seahawks

Which player finished the 2003 season as the Seahawks starting quarterback?

Now this first question feels like a trap. The obvious candidates are Joe Montana and Steve Young, but I have a feeling that one if not both of them might have got in after the year 2000, but was there an earlier player I’m not thinking of? I am going to plump for two as I think Montana might have got in before the first of January 2001 and there was someone earlier. I could, as usual, be overthinking this one.

As for the Seahawks question, it took me a moment to dig the name out of my memory, but I believe it was Matt Hasselbeck who was quarterback at this time and who took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl at some during his run with the team. I’m not remembering any great changes of things to note, other than I think he took over from former Bengal Jon Kitna so I just hope 3D hasn’t got something sneaky I haven’t thought of planned for this question.

Now over to Dan:

‘Right, for the 49ers, I can only name Steve Young and Joe Montana off the top of my head. I’d imagine I’ll kick myself when I’ve forgotten someone obvious when the answers are revealed but I’ll go for 2.

The Seahawks question has been a real head scratcher for me. I want to say Matt Hasselbeck but something is telling me that 2003 is a bit early for him. Also the wording ‘at the end of’ suggests it’s someone different to who would have started but I can’t think of any other names. I’ll just go for Hasselbeck and hope for the best I think!