I’m afraid it’s a fly by post tonight – although the delayed mid-week post is up in relatively normal format and I’m feeling pretty happy with the week three results, which should be self-explanatory when you look below.

Gee:                Week    10-6                Overall   26-22
Dan:                Week    8-8                  Overall   23-25
Dan’s Dad:       Week   6-10                 Overall   23-25

Eagles @ Packers (-4.5)

I have a slight hesitation as this line is asking for an extra half point than the consensus line I’m seeing, but despite that my maxim of pick the home team unless there’s a really good reason holds for me this week. The Packers may not be firing on offence but their defence is looking as good as it has in years whilst the Eagles are on the road on a short week with a boat load of injuries. The Eagles could very easily prove me wrong, but I’m happy back the Packers in this one.

Gee’s Pick:       Packers
Dan’s Pick:       Packers

Week 4 Trivia

‘Week 3 started with confidence but ended in a train crash. Now, I’m long in the tooth enough to know that good and bad weeks will happen to us all through a season but it hurts when a lead is mercilessly ripped away. But enough of the Monday Morning Quarterback routine and I can take solace in the continued good form of the Vikings.

Right, Trivia, I asked who it was that recorded a Ravens record by rushing for 227 yards in a single game, in 1998?
Two good and logical guesses in Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes and it is Dan who scooped 2 points by cautiously opting for Priest Holmes. The game saw Holmes ran all 227 yards in (sorry) the Ravens 20 – 13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

This leaves us with Dan leading 4 : 2
As for the running theme we again have no winner. I half expected the guys to overthink this so perhaps this isn’t as complicated as they think!

And that brings us to Week 4. 2 points again for correctly answering:
In how many Super Bowls did the Buffalo Bills appear during the 1990s?
To be clear it if for Super Bowls played between 1.1.1990 and 31.12.1999.

Lets see where that takes us. Good Luck.’