It’s already week two and our second competition Thursday looms so whilst it’s way too early to read much into anything here’s the results from last week and the selection for tonight’s game.

Gee:                Week    10-6                Overall   10-6
Dan:                Week    8-8                  Overall   8-8
Dan’s Dad:       Week    9-7                  Overall   9-7

Buccaneers @ Panthers (-6.5)

It may be a failure on my part that I don’t have hard rules for the Sunday/Monday games, but my maxim on Thursday nights is to pick the home team unless there are very good reasons not to and this week does not qualify for both football and number reasons.

I see the consensus line as ± 7 depending on which team you pick so this gives me a half point advantage through a key number if I go with the home team Panthers.

Additionally, whilst the Panthers lost a close home opener to the LA Rams in week one, the Buccaneers lost by two touchdowns to the 49ers in a game where Jameis Winston threw three interceptions. I have a lot of respect for Bruce Arians and it’s only one game so you cannot say that Arians can’t improve on Winston’s historically turnover heavy play, but we saw no evidence of it so far and with two teams desperate for the win I see the Panthers coming out on top at home. I am a little concerned given the amount of respect I have for the Bucs coaching staff, but whilst there are only five places between their overall DVOA rankings (technically VOA Football Outsiders don’t adjust for opponents until after week four), the difference in the actual DVOA value is 33.8% and that puts me back on the side of the Panthers in this one.

Gee’s Pick:       Panthers
Dan’s Pick:       Buccaneers

Week 2 Trivia

‘Well the 2019/2020 season is well and truly underway with an opening week which lit a fire in many belly’s while having others fearing a long season with little to show for all the effort. I truly understand the feeling because as a QPR soccer supporter the biggest questions are around which team will turn up and ‘who thought this manager was worth having.

What is in no doubt though is the response to the trivia quiz. Last year it was week 3 before we saw a point on the board – and this time it’s 2 points each. I asked:

Prior to arriving in St. Louis in 1960, in which city did the Cardinals play their home games?

The Answer was Chicago

Founded in 1898 in Chicago, they had a number of name changes, including Morgan Athletic Club and Racine Normal’s. It was as the Chicago Cardinals, they won two NFL championships in 1925 and 1947. Despite those two successes, losing seasons were the norm for the Cardinals, along with low attendances, as they tried to compete with the crosstown Bears. With the new AFL looking to expand into St. Louis, the NFL and the team owners agreed a deal to move the team to the Missouri city.

The bonus ‘Theme’ was not won this week but picking a theme from one sample was hardly expected. My guess is that it will be identified in Week 4 ! Let’s see.

Week 2

Right, here we go again and for Week 2 my question is:

On their Monday Night Football debut in 1970, the Falcons lost 20-7 to whom?

This one also earns 2 points for a correct answer.

Happy Hunting’