There’s an old saying that failure to plan is planning to fail. Well in my case, it wasn’t so much bad planning as life being in the way of the blog as I’ve been on holiday during the first week of preseason so I’ve only seen one game so far, firstly here’s what I’ve learnt so far about writing a blog on the NFL and watching games:

  1. I have a sheet of the things I want to look at for each team that I used for my previous article, and whilst watching games I realised that as well as having a list of players, I need their numbers so I can spot them quickly whether they get mentioned in commentary or not. So before I even start my remedial game study I need to get my watch sheet up to date.
  2. Have your notebook with you! I have watched the Hall of Fame game and I will go through a few things from that shortly, but having got myself a notebook for the season, it’s a good idea to have it with you.
  3. Have a second device, I tend to watch Gamepass on my tablet but following on from the need to having my cheat sheet ready, it’s also handy to have the team rosters handy, particularly in preseason where the younger players you might not have heard of are getting their chance.

So having revealed my incompetence, here’s what I took away from the New York Giants v Buffalo Bills in the Hall of Fame Game.

I liked the balance of the Giants offense, which given a feature of last year’s seemed to be a bad back foot throw from Eli Manning, can only be an improvement. I didn’t get to see too much of Eli but his backup, Ryan Nassib did seem to have some poise despite having the up and down performance of a backup. The real stars that popped out to me were in the running game with Rashad Jennings running solidly and the rookie Andre Williams really catching the eye with his pace and power.

For the Bills I’m worried already, Sammy Watkins failed to catch my eye or the ball. More worrying, was first EJ Manuel and then Jeff Tuel both seemed be fixing on their first receiver and Manuel in particular was so obvious where he was going that his balls kept getting batted down at the line.

I am now going to go grab my notebook and start working my way through my backlog of games for the Bengals, Dolphins, Vikings, and Rams. Plus if I get a chance, I might check out the Cardinals rookie QB Logan Thomas who is already getting buzz as being the best of the new quaterbacks.